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Once you receive more tokens, you can purchase a better army


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Thats it? I didn't complete, anyhow, there's something different in OSRS gold this pvp then your wimpy mortal pvp, every player will probably be helped by demons, so you control an army and battle another player with an army, OR if your level 100 or more and therefore are on a member world then you are able to fight a computer controled army and get much better prizes. Not yet, each time you win you receive 5 tokens, and with every demon left, you receive 1 token more. 

Once you receive more tokens, you can purchase a better army. You could even custimize what kind of demon you utilize. There are many distinct demons and every can utilize three melee fashions, physicaln, missles and arcane. But there's also a healer course. They can also get better weapons and armor. How about you attempt to fight now deadly.

Sure, However, where do I get my military? In fact, Zamorak does not really like weaklings so that you need to buy RS gold do a test run against a demon mage. Uh... What kind of demon? OMG You scared me! An imp? Did I mention he's level 20. Thats powerful for an imp. I understand. Two things could happen, if you are lower then 50 you need to fight the imp. But if you are higher then 50

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